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Pests are little creatures that are almost too small to notice. But the damage they cause is big enough to set your business back by thousands of dollars. So if you don’t want to ruin your entire establishment, get expert commercial pest control! Rebellion Pest Defense is a commercial pest exterminator that provides expert pest control for commercial buildings. Whether you need commercial termite control maintenance or scorpion extermination, we can help! Clients in and around Gilbert, AZ can call (480) 758-4333 for quotes and estimates.

We proudly serve clients from the following areas:

  • Apache Junction, AZ
  • Bapchule, AZ
  • Coolidge, AZ
  • Fort McDowell, AZ
  • Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Gold Canyon, AZ
  • Higley, AZ
  • Laveen, AZ
  • Valley Farms, AZ

Commercial Termite Control

commercial termite control casa grande az

When it comes to commercial pest control, some clients try to do the job themselves hoping to save a few extra bucks. In fact, some even feel that professional commercial termite control is a waste of money. But in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Commercial termite control is a hazardous task and you need to be very careful with your pest control solution. If you have no prior experience in commercial pest control, you might mess up the job. You wouldn’t want to risk coating the entire room in termite poison, would you? Also, commercial termite control tools are really expensive. So you’re not really saving anything when you take a DIY approach.

If you need expert, cost-effective commercial termite control, turn straight to Rebellion Pest Defense! You can reach us at (480) 758-4333 to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.

Pest Control For Commercial Buildings

pest control for commercial buildings apache junction az

So who needs pest control for commercial buildings? At Rebellion Pest Defense, we cater to an array of clients including:

  • Restaurant Owners: Pests are a major health hazard and businesses in the food industry cannot afford to go without regular commercial pest control. In fact, if you don’t get regular pest control for commercial buildings, your local government might not give you the license to operate.
  • Shop Owners: You can’t have pests going around your shop and damaging the goods, right? So make sure to call for commercial pest control right away if you see even the slightest sign of pests or critters that may affect your business.
  • Hospitality Industry: Nobody likes sleeping in a bed feeling like they’re sharing it with bugs and critters. Not only are they annoying, but they can also cause an array of pest-related diseases. So if you don’t want your guests itching and scratching every five minutes, make sure you get regular pest control for commercial buildings.

Do you need pest control for commercial buildings? Then reach out to Rebellion Pest Defense right now! We are a commercial pest control company that helps business owners in and around Gilbert, AZ. With our help, a comfortable, clean, and pest-free establishment is definitely possible! You can reach our commercial pest exterminator team at (480) 758-4333.

Commercial Pest Exterminator

commercial pest exterminator san tan valley az

So, why is Rebellion Pest Defense the best commercial exterminator in and near Gilbert, AZ? Here are a couple of things that set us apart from the competition:

  • Experienced: Our business is backed by more than three decades’ worth of industry experience. This allows us to develop effective commercial pest control techniques that can get rid of any pest or critter imaginable.
  • Reliable: We understand how busy you are as a business owner. So to prevent adding any more stress on your part, we try to be available as much as possible.
  • Results-Driven: Our team boasts multiple successful commercial pest control cases in and around Gilbert, AZ. In fact, our extensive background is one of the reasons why clients are always quick to trust us and the solutions we offer.

For expert commercial pest control, work with the best commercial pest exterminator in the state! Call (480) 758-4333 for quotes and estimates.

For information on termites, please see our Termite Treatment Mesa, AZ page.


Luis Fernando Bolivar Avatar
Luis Fernando Bolivar
12/10/2018 - Google

Going on my second year with the Rebellion Pest Defense and no scorpions in the house. What more can... read more

Richard Guerra Avatar
Richard Guerra
6/10/2018 - Google

Very professional and quick service. Show up when they say they will be there. Most of all I definitely noticed... read more

Dorice Cipowski Avatar
Dorice Cipowski
12/10/2018 - Google

Love their service always on time and does a great job!!!! Highly recommend them.

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