Expert Termite Treatment To Protect Your Property

Protect your home and furniture against pests with the help of an expert termite treatment company! Rebellion Pest Defense is a pest control company that provides services such as termite treatment near me. Both home and business clients in and around Chandler, AZ can benefit from scheduling an appointment with expert termite specialists. Call us today for a sample termite treatment cost estimate—we’d love to hear from you!

Signs You May Need A Termite Treatment Company

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Watch out for these signs that say you need expert termite treatment right away:

  • Termite Frass: Frass is the waste or excreta discharged by insects like termites. You might see termite frass on the ceilings, walls, or even furniture. These are clear indicators of termite damage; schedule termite treatment services immediately if you spot them.
  • Faulty Doors and Windows: Termites can burrow through wooden doors and windows, causing the frames to have an irregular shape. Apart from being unattractive, these throw the hinges off balance and make it difficult to close and open the doors.
  • Hollow Wood: Just because there’s no visible damage, doesn’t mean you won’t need termite treatment. One way to check and see if your wooden items are hollow on the inside is to tap them with a screwdriver. If they make an empty, hollow sound, there’s termite damage.

Call for termite treatment right away if you notice any of those signs. The best way to lessen termite damage is to prevent them from multiplying in the first place.

The Many Benefits Of Hiring A Termite Specialist

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Termite treatment is no easy task, and clients should leave it to the experts. Here are some of the benefits of hiring termite specialists:

  • Cost-Effective: Many people think that DIY termite treatment is cheaper than hiring specialist. But in reality, projects like these actually cost a lot of money. With all the tools and equipment you’ll need, the total cost could easily add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Hassle-Free: Termite treatment can be an enormous hassle. Between finding the termite source and filling in the cracks, it could easily take you more than a day. On the other hand, termite specialists will make quick work of all your termite problems.
  • Safer: Experimenting with termite treatment solutions is not ideal for inexperienced individuals. One wrong move and the poison could go somewhere that it shouldn’t.

Work with the best termite specialists in the Chandler, AZ area! Rebellion Pest Defense services both home and business clients. Call now for a free termite treatment cost estimate.


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