Look for Signs of Scorpions Around Your Home

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Arizona is home to the bark scorpion, which is known for being highly evasive and sneaky. And since they are light brown, they can be hard to spot against the Arizona desert. But there are several easy ways to tell if you need pest services to control the scorpions around your home.

Though scorpions prefer to borrow in the dirt, Rebellion Pest Defense from Gilbert, AZ suggests looking for scorpions both inside and outside. If you spot any signs of scorpions or scorpion burrows, call right away for professional pest control.

How to find scorpion burrows

How to find scorpion burrows

Since the bark scorpion is nocturnal, it can be hard to spot the critter itself. But that doesn't mean you don't need professional pest control services. When you're checking for signs of scorpions, look for:

  • An excess of spider webs: scorpions eat spiders and small bugs in webs and will make a home close to wherever the spiders are
  • Nests around unkempt shrubs: scorpions will burrow underground near overgrown vegetation or large rocks for shade.
  • Citrus trees with plenty of shade: scorpions prefer dark, damp environments that certain citrus trees are known to create around their roots.

If you're just not sure what to look for, call Rebellion Pest Defense. We'll come to inspect your home. Then, we'll provide the pest services needed to keep scorpions out for good.