Say goodbye to annoying, irritating stings with the help of bee and wasp exterminators! Rebellion Pest Defense is a reputable pest control company that offers effective bee and wasp removal service in and around Apache Junction & Gilbert, AZ. Our team is backed by more than three decades' worth of industry experience clients know they can rely on. If your home or business is in need of professional bee or wasp removal, we can help! Call us today for free quotes and estimates.

Professional Bee Removal With No Harmful Effects

Professional Bee Removal With No Harmful Effects

Bees are beneficial to the environment, but they become a problem once they start entering your property. When that happens, it's best to schedule professional bee removal services. The right bee and wasp exterminators can get rid of your pest problem without harming the ecosystem. If bees are taking over your home or business, get in touch with the best bee and wasp exterminators in the Apache Junction & Gilbert, AZ area: Rebellion Pest Defense! We service clients looking for quick, effective bee removal. Give us a call and our team will inspect your home for harmful beehives.

Wasp Removal Service To Reach The Root Of The Problem

One reason some people might delay scheduling wasp removal services is if they aren't aware there's a wasp nest on their property. Here are some facts about wasps that'll help you determine whether it's time to call Rebellion Pest Defense:

  • Wasps do the same thing every day, so you'll be able to trace them back to their nest if you track their movement. Expert bee and wasp exterminators can also help you track the pests' movements if you find it difficult.
  • In early May, a wasp nest is only the size of a tennis ball. But it could grow as large as a medicine ball in a few months. It's best to call for wasp removal service before the nest gets too big.
  • Wasps often build their nests in shaded areas like garages, sheds, birdhouses, or even attics. Check these areas regularly to see if you need professional wasp removal service.