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Termites are tiny insects that eat the wood framing of your house. Though these pests might seem like a small issue, they can cause big problems for your home. In the United States, termites cause $5 billion worth of damage every year.

If you believe your house has a termite infestation, get in touch with the crew at Rebellion Pest Defense today. You can count on our termite control team in Gilbert, AZ to rid your home of termites.

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3 reasons to choose Rebellion Pest Defense

3 reasons to choose Rebellion Pest Defense

If your home has a termite infestation, don't stress. Let the termite extermination experts at Rebellion Pest Defense in Gilbert, AZ take care of it for you. When you hire us, you'll get:

  1. Prompt service to solve your termite problem ASAP
  2. Access to the most potent termite sprays on the market
  3. A personalized home defense warranty to keep your space termite free
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